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31 December 2025 @ 06:47 pm
Searching for my icons?  
Since in most of my older post the icons aren't showing anymore, I'll just post here where to find it and put this on top of the journal, so that people will be able to see it.

So, these are the places my icons can be found:

<••• MY WONDERWALL - My main icons archive, contains most of my icons about several subjects (Celebrities, Tv Shows, Movies, etc... All my Harry Potter, Twilight, Pushing Daisies and Veronica Mars icons that were on other websites were put here). It also contains all my textures and brushes.

rachel mcadams italia <••• MISS MCADAMS - Rachel McAdams & her works, it has all my Rachel icons and the icons about her movies and relashionships.

<••• DAYDREAM BELIEVER - Dawson's Creek & cast icons archive. Contains icons about the show and its actors.
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